Tuesday, December 30, 2014

21 Weeks:)

how far along: 21 weeks 

size of baby: the size of a pomegranate

gender: female

belly button in/out: in

weight gain: 7 lbs

maternity clothes: TBD... I'm out on my Christmas Break and while my jeans are getting a little too snug, I haven't tried on any work clothes in the past week. But I have been wearing leggings and yoga pants which are super comfortable. If only I could wear them to work. Ha!           

stretch marks: no

rings: on 

nursery: still pinning ideas

movement: still feeling kicks. will be glad when she has less room so they aren't so sporadic. 

symptoms: feeling good! been able to stay up later and watch tv:)

sleep: so far so good. just have to get up a couple of times to go to the bathroom

best moment last week: baby kicks

cravings: chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches with cheese, nachos 

aversions: pb&j, bananas

what I miss: being able to highlight my hair. it's a hot mess! i know most say it's okay in the 2nd trimester, but i'm just gonna wait. why stop the trifecta i got going on? ha!; being able to get a sinus cocktail shot

looking forward to: finally deciding on her name, picking out her bedding, my next ultrasound
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