Monday, February 9, 2015

Bumpdate: 24-26 Weeks

Yikes, I haven't updated in like 3 weeks! I have made a pact with myself that I'm going to update/post here regularly. I'm sure lots of teachers can relate, but I feel like not only do I work a full time job during the day, but I'm constantly working on work at home too! I have a life, I need to take time for myself, I don't get paid overtime, it doesn't hurt to just say you know what I'm going to go home today and have some me time, some family time. So, that's what I've decided I'm going to do starting TONIGHT!

how far along: 26 weeks; tomorrow I'll be 27

size of baby: at 24- canteloupe; at 25- cauliflower; at 26-size of a head of lettuce

gender: female

belly button in/out: well, folks it's neither. my belly button was not an innie or an outie to begin with. it was like a mix inbetween, and now it just looks plain weird. ha!

weight gain: the past 3 weeks, I've stayed between the 11-12 lbs. 

maternity clothes: yes, but i'm still wearing some of my non-maternity shirts granted they don't fit the same, but they're working for me. ha!

stretch marks: none so far ^fingers crossed it stays that way*

rings: on :)

nursery: finally picked out bedding. 

movement: wow, the farther along i've gotten the more i feel her move. it's a weird but surreal feeling that there is a tiny human inside me. 

symptoms: heartburn:/

sleep: yikes! i wake up multiple times throughout the night to go to the bathroom which makes me so tired in the morning and leaves me feeling like i didn't get any sleep

best moment last week: when i could see my tummy moving!

cravings: orange juice, sour candy, ice cream [trying to keep these on lock down in moderation!], oranges

aversions: pb&j, bananas, apples, applesauce

what I miss: coloring my hair it's looking a hot mess, eating soft cheeses, the ease of getting in/out of cars, etc. 

looking forward to: my first baby shower next month!

And just in case you're wondering about my less than remarkable pregnancy fashion attire here ya go: 

Week 24
top: white tee [banana republic outlet; old; non-maternity]; grey open faced cardigan [NY&Co.; non-maternity; old]
pants: 7 for all mankind [original bootcut; maternity]
shoes: gap city flats [old]
accessories: Papers of Peace necklace-Be Free Revolution; sunglasses- NY&Co. [old]

Week 25
pajamas-Nick and Nora macaron pajamas from Target. They are sold out online, but I just saw a pair on clearance at my Target the other day for like around 9 bucks. These are seriously my new FAVE pjs, and I'm still wearing my normal size...well, with a little belly sticking out:)

Week 26
top: striped boyfriend tee [gap; old; non-maternity]; layering tank [target; liz lange maternity line]
pants: 7 for all manking original bootcut see week 24 for link
shoes: Sperry Topsider boat shoes
accessories: multi-glitter earrings [Kate Spade; sold out check ebay]; scarf-murfee in dress rehearsal print [Lilly Pulitzer; old]

 photo Signature_zps23e90dda.png


Bethany said...

So happy to see this update. You look great.
Maryland Pink and Green

Lora said...

You look great!!! So excited for you. :)


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