Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Caroline's Birth Story

Well, I decided it's time to update the blog! Here's Caroline Grace's birth story before I forget it all.

Her due date, May 12th, came, and she just wasn't ready for the outside world yet. That night we went to Hobby Lobby to pick out props for the newborn photo shoot that my husband was hell bent on doing himself. [different post for a different day. my advice is just have them professionally done. end of rant.] Afterwards, we went to one of our favorite places to eat, J. Alexander's, as a party of 2.  That night, technically May 13th, I woke up to cramps. I'm a deep sleeper, like in a coma sleeper, and it woke me up out of a dead sleep. I was able to fall back asleep but 30 minutes later, cramps. Then, they started coming faster. This went on til about 7am. I decided to go ahead and get up and have a shower to be ready to call doctor as soon as they opened. Well, needless to say, the contractions stopped when I got out of the shower. I already had an appt for the afternoon and a scheduled induction to begin at 8pm that night. However, my doctor told me to go ahead and come in as soon as we could. They hooked me up to the machine, but I'd only had one contraction while there. My doctor looked at us and said why don't we just go have this baby now. We headed across the parking lot to labor and delivery. I was so excited to finally be meeting my baby girl!

We got all checked in, and they gave me pitocin to start the process. However, until I'd had my epidural, they wouldn't send for my ob to break my water. I was like let's get this party started! I was nervous, but the epidural was painless. I guess she still wasn't ready to come into the world yet. We started the induction around 11am-ish and it took until like 1am for me to reach 5 cm. Then, she stalled. About 2:30, the doctor came in and recommended a c-section. I just started crying. I really didn't want a c-section. I didn't want to have the lengthy recovery of a c-section. Caroline Grace was born at 3:01, so it was a rather fast process. As they pulled her out, I remember the first thing the doctor said was "that's a BIG baby." I kept hearing that throughout the room. I felt like she was an amazon or something. I wasn't able to see her yet as I was being stitched up.

The only bad thing about a c-section is I lost bonding time with my little one. I was so looped out on meds that I was afraid to hold her, my uterus "massage" took longer than anticipated, and they had to go ahead and take her up to the nursery while I was getting said "massage." Pssssh, don't let the word massage fool you. That massage is like buying oceanfront property in Arizona. I told hubs to go with her and leave me. He taped her getting her first bath and her measurements. I'm so glad I have that video. I've watched it more than once:)

And now almost 5 weeks later, I'm so in awe that she's mine. My Caroline Grace:)
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Leslie said...

So beautiful and congratulations that she is here! :)


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