Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burgers and Wood

So, I went with LC to the local hardware store; because, he had to get some wood. Yes, I know I am a lucky girl. Not only is he ridiculously smart, he is very good at doing the manly-build it stuff as well. Then, we went back to his house and grilled hamburgers. Actually, I should probably correct myself and say "HE cooked the hamburgers". Ha! I am no chef, nor do I claim to be. Although LC is an excellent chef. Then we watched tv for awhile, and I headed back to my still messy apartment. Tonight fa sho'
my apartment will have to get clean. I can't take it anymore. I just have clothes everywhere. I'm a girl you know. We change like 5 times before we leave the house. It's two of my best friends bdays this weekend. I can't wait I love bdays:) I think LC might be out of town for a football game possibly. Although, I'd really like him to stay here because even though he'd be gone for one day, I'd miss him terribly. On the other hand, I'd like him to go just so he can miss me and want to see me. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I've never spent this much time with someone except for one person, and that's TWOS. Mostly, it wasn't because I wanted to spend that much time with TWOS. He's just a co-dependent person. This time I voluntarily like to spend time with LC. He brightens my day everyday.

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