Monday, September 29, 2008

funfilled weekend of football:)

It was a fun filled busy weekend. I went with LC to the game. Had lots of fun and met the ex all in one weekend. Glad to have gotten that out of the way. LC just mentioned that his ex was at where we had stopped by to tailgate for a bit. Since she decided to be so over friendly and introduce herself without LC even having a second to possibly do the introduction since they do know each other I knew exactly who she was without him even having to tell me. Oh well, she's ridiculously thin, but I'm prettier. I'm not fat so I'm not worried about it. Other than that, I went out on a limb and figured what the hell. I, normally, always want to say all kinds of things, but then talk myself out of them b/c I'm scared. However, LC and I have been dating for a little over a month, and we spend a lot of time together. I know he isn't seeing anyone else, and neither am I. So, I decided to tell him what I felt right now. I told him "that he makes me extremely happy". Might not seem like a big thing, but it's humongous and atrociously big in my world. He simply replied that I make him happy as well:)
Although, he stayed at my place for the first time last night. Now keep in mind that when I'm not working, I'm either out of town or with him. So, my apartment needs a lot of TLC as in laundry and cleaning. It's messy. I was embarrassed:( Tonight I'm cleaning it spic-and-span.

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Candy Rachelle said...

She's ridiculously thin but Im prettier...HILARIOUS!!!!!

I know this is an old post but I'm a newbie blogger. Haven't gotten any comments since i started. :( Found 3 'veteran' bloggers (you're one!) and noticed that in the beginning, no one really got comments. So now I don't feel so bad!

In my extra spare time, reading from startup to present!

Have a great day!!


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