Wednesday, October 1, 2008

slightly nervous.....

Last night I worked at my second job. I only work there a couple of nights a week if I even work at all. I really didn't have to work, but my manager had me come in because he hasn't seen me in a few weeks. Ah, what it feels like to be loved by your co-workers. Ha! I've worked there for going on 9 years this Spring. I know what you're thinking....I'm not a server. I'm just the
to-go girl. And for those of you who don't know, you should tip your to-go workers. If they do a good job, 10% is standard. It's half of a server's 20% b/c they do have the work. However, they still DO the work which is still giving you a service. If they suck, then 5% to 0% will suffice. On another note, I'm kinda nervous/sad at the same time. My mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year. She went through a lot during that time such as a low-iodine diet and doctor visits. Well....this week she has been going to the doctor to get these shots everyday. Thank God my father has good insurance b/c the shots w/o insurance are $1,000 a piece. Tomorrow, I have to take her to the hospital for a catscan. The catscan is to ensure the cancer is still in remission. Please pray for her...................

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