Thursday, October 2, 2008

Breaking Down

I don't think people nowadays realize that you WILL get older. I think our generation has such a youthful mentality. We have all these wrinkle creams, health information, beauty gurus, etc. I know I don't feel my age nor do I look my age at all. I must thank my parents wonderful genetics due to the fact that they still look young for their age. I had to get glasses last year because my eyesight is no longer 20/20. After dropping my Mummy off for her catscan this morning, I began to think as we start breaking down; our parents start breaking down as well. I, sometimes, get annoyed with having to go to appointments and what not with my parents. I'm like why don't they just go themselves, or why don't they just take care of themselves like I do. I'm an only child so give me a break. I'm not trying to sound selfish. Most of you probably have, just think when you don't want to do it, there is someone else who can help. I have to do everything b/c my family is estranged from one another. Enough of my rambling about that. Just please pray that the scan shows that my Mummy's cancer has not returned, and she is still in remission.
Also, I have a doctor's appointment of my own today. For all the women whose mothers are sane, LISTEN TO THEM. When they give advice, it's only because they love you. I have a naturally dark complexion. No seriously, I do. I'm not talking about fake-n-bake skin. I am naturally tan. I never burn. I have only burned once, and that was when I was young. I do not remember it, but my mummy told me. The freckles are the remnants that remain on my shoulders as evidence. My Mum always yelled at me to wear sunscreen on my face. To no avail, I did not listen. I always yelling back at her that I don't burn, and I'd be fine. My mum showed me the few brown sunspots on her face due to her exposure to the sun while she was younger. Of course, I did not listen. Yes, it's true. I regret it. I wish I WOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY MOTHER'S ADVICE!!!!! Now, after her hospital visit today, I am headed off to the dermatologist b/c I have sunspots on my face. Hopefully, there is something topically they can prescribe; because, plastic surgery is not in my Southern Belle budget.......

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