Friday, October 3, 2008

rush hour.......

So, yesterday everything went well! They said everything looked fine with my Mum but are sending the scan to the radiologist for review. As far as me, everything at the dermo went alright. No skin cancer, Yay! However, as far as my sunspots, I did find out something that squashed my former beliefs. I thought laser permanently removed the sun spots, but no, it does not. The aestitician suggested some bleaching cream. I am not going to fork out a bunch of money over something that is not entirely permanent. Another fact I learned is that it may not be ALL sun damage. She said that birth control can cause them, sun, and medicine. You know when you read the label on the prescription that says to "avoid sunlight and any artificial sunlight" and nothing happens. Well, it can affect your skin over time and cause the spots. Learn something new everyday. However, my good day did not end so good. I am terribly tired. LC stayed over last night for the first time when my doggy was home. My doggy is the sweetest little girl:) Not so sweet last night. She was a little devil! She would not sleep and constantly walked all over the bed. She scratched all night, would try to lick LC, would try to sit on LCs head, etc. Literally, I am going to have to give her night night medicine called "children's benadryl" when he stays over again. He looked exhausted this morning. Thank goodness, he didn't have to work. He asked me if I wanted breakfast this morning to which I replied that he should head home and get some sleep. He did not object. I did not have my yummy for my tummy breakfast this morning. Not to mention, I come to work, and my inbox is flooded b/c I left early yesterday. While I'm catching up, I notice the President of our corporate branch has emailed my office. We have a meeting on Tuesday. I got the scoop on the meeting which is about punctuality, professionalism, and work hours. Now, I am not punctual but am always her before 8:25. Yeah Yeah I know. I was really good at first, but our environment is so lax. I do not cuss at work like most of my co-workers so my professionalism is not in question. The rumor is they are changing our work hours. I enjoy getting off at 4:30. It helps to avoid most of the rush hour. However, I believe they are not going to make us work til 5 and have an hour lunch. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I type alot. Well, probably because, I talk alot as well. Last thing, I received a message from the owner of a particular downtown restaurant apologizing for not recognizing me while at dinner this week. Not a prob, I wasn't all dolled up and wouldn't expect someone who doesn't know me well to recognize me. LC immediately blurted, "why is he messaging you?". Hmmmm, someone seemed a tad jealous, and I liked it. LC isn't a man of many words, and it's hard for him to give complements. So, I kinda took that as one:)

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