Tuesday, September 23, 2008

dinner and breakfast

So, LC and I went out to our first "official" dinner last night. Although neither of us wanted to pick, we ended up eating Mexican. LC had mentioned Thai, but I've never had Thai cuisine before. Even after a whole month, he still makes me kind of nervous, so I could see the scene unfolding in my head about eating Thai food. I've heard it's spicy, and I could just see it not agreeing with my tummy. Just picture Ben Stiller in the movie Along Came Polly. That is the thought that kept running through my head the entire time he was mentioning Thai food. Ha! Normally, LC will just cook. He's a great cook so opting to stay in is always okay with me. I don't know how to cook. We just came home, watched some tv, and then crashed. Lately, when I hang out with LC, we watch this show on the Food Network called Good Eats. Granted the host is a weirdo, but the show is actually entertaining and kinda helpful. I learned about making omelettes last night. Yeah Yeah I'm kinda boring I know. The best thing about staying with LC is in the morning is he makes me yummy yummy for my tummy breakfast. A complete and perfect way to start the day. Oh did I mention, we'll be going out of town for the football game this weekend. The second weekend we were together we travelled down for a football game to LC's undergrad/grad alma mater. I had such a good time. Can't wait for another one:)

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