Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will Friday Hurry up and Come....

Work is rather slow this morning. I just keep thinking that Friday will never get here. Partly, because I'm tired of working, and partly, b/c I can't wait for a road trip down to the game! Yesterday as soon as I got off work, I called LC. Funny thing is I hate the phone. I'm more of a texter. Say what you need to say in a couple of texts. No inconvenience, no 45 minute conversation that could have ended after 5 minutes. But, I like calling LC. The first time I've really never minded. When I first started dating TWOS (total waste of space), I never called him unless he called me first. Then, I would return his call. The more serious our relationship became I would call him at some point in time during the day. I never really wanted to call though. It was more of a requirement that I felt to complete daily rather than out of wanting just to hear his voice. In fact his voice annoyed me with his slight foreign accent but had been in the states too long and sounded rather American. If you have ever seen the movie Notting Hill, his body shape and the way he carried himself at times reminded me of the character Spike in that movie. Although, he was much more attractive than Spike. He actually thought of himself as a god. He never said that in so many words, but he was so vain and conceited. He would always ask, "Do I look okay?" If I just simply said, "yes" that wasn't good enough. He wanted to know about his whole outfit and all. If I ever mentioned that I didn't like a shirt with a pair of pants, he probably changed 2 or 3 times. On the other hand, whenever I asked if I looked okay, he would always say "yes" then hurry me up. He never really cared much about me; he cared much about himself. Enough about TWOS, I'm sure he'll pop up again due to the fact that he is the most recent serious relationship that I have been in which was a year ago that we broke up.
So when I called LC asked if I wanted to come over to take a nap to which I completely opted to b/c I was beat after work. We had naptime til it was time for his softball game. Watched LC's softball game. They lost. Came back to LC's place, wrapped up in a blanket, and attempted to watch Good Eats. Attempt failed b/c I fell asleep. LC woke me up by picking me up like a baby and carrying me to bed with blanket and all. He really is absolutely wonderful.
Brother's girlfriend and I were talking about how much fun we're going to have this weekend. At some point, she called LC my boyfriend. I quickly corrected her that I am not the girlfriend b/c we have not declared that label yet. Normally, I would want things to just stay the way they are. No expectations, no obligations, no promises, but this time it's different. At this time, technically, I guess we are just dating and could date other people and that wouldn't be entirely wrong. However, I don't want him to see anyone else. When he was out of town for the game last weekend, I constantly thought what if he's with someone else, I had to cast aside all those worries so I didn't drive myself crazy. As for me, I don't even notice anyone else when I'm with him. I've also noticed that I don't even notice anyone else when I'm not with him. For the first time in my life, I kinda want the label. I want the security of knowing that it's official. However, one can't be the 21 year old girl saying so are we or aren't we. It's something that has to evolve and just be....

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