Thursday, September 25, 2008

one slice of cheese!

So, I've got to start working out again. I've been on a two month hiatus b/c I moved into a new apartment and had injured my foot right before the move. Definitely have recovered, but am being lazy....
It doesn't help that I've eaten fast food lately and eating yummy food at LC's parents house. I wonder if they think I'm an idiot. Brother's girlfriend is an accountant and has passed 2 of 4 parts of the CPA. Here I am just floating around not writing my thesis.
So, LC bought me my very own toothbrush. I guess that's kind of a big thing. I always use a travel toothbrush that I keep in my purse when I stay over. Last night as I was looking for my trusty travel toothbrush, LC was like I bought y0u a toothbrush to use. I thought that was kind of sweet.
And once again I had a yummy yummy breakfast. However, brother had eaten one of the slices of cheese at some point yesterday. Of course, I'm the nice, polite Southern girl, and tell LC that he can have the slice of cheese for his egg. All the while, knowing I definitely want that slice of cheese for my eggy. However, LC is so sweet I could fore go the slice for him but not anyone else. LC definitely put the cheese on my eggy and breakfast was yummy as usual. Nice that he sacrificed the only piece of cheese for me:)

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