Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Decisions Decisions

My question today is who am I going to vote for. Well, as most of my friends and colleagues know I'm definitely right-wing. I consider myself fiscally republican and socially liberal. Therefore, when it comes down to who I am going to vote for, it will be what benefits my checkbook most. It is definitely the conservative side who helps me squeeze every penny possible in order to make my measly salary somewhat okay. I always read this lady's blog everyday because I find her fascinating. Don't ask why because I can't answer why I have to read her blog everyday. I just do. Maybe because it's come down to some sort of ritual I do in the afternoon but nonetheless it's one of life's little pleasures. A reader of hers commented on her blog saying that she was undecided and needed a post on why to vote for John McCain. This was the blogger's response, and I could not have said it better myself:)

"Even though I love that John McCain is a war hero, an unconventional politician, a powerhouse of foreign policy knowledge, I am voting for John McCain because of his belief that government policy should not be intrusive on the lives of its citizens.The notion that the government needs to regulate the minute details of a society in order for that society to be effective, productive, and fair is comically demeaning. The notion that "the wealthy" should be penalized with an ever-increasing tax burden to offer services to the remainder of citizens is absurd to me. The government is not a guardian angel or a rich uncle.To mandate by law that resources be taken from those who have more and distributed to those who have less is merely a way to insure the destruction of a free society. It only encourages the citizens to depend on the government while discouraging the level of initiative and hard work that is required to attain success.In the most general terms, I believe that political liberalism is condescending and harmful to the citizens, profoundly inefficient, and a breeding ground for corruption. The FannieMae and FreddieMac fiasco is a perfect example.I think John McCain agrees and that is why today I was proud to cast my ballot in support of him."

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