Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The big Election

I am getting very excited about the election tonight. I think it will be a very close one!!! I tried to early vote, but here in Memphis we had a record turnout of early voters; so, I never got around to do it. The lines were so long. The news last week on Wednesday stated that 1/3 of the registered voters in Shelby County had already voted, and that wasn't counting Wednesday's tally or the last early voting day, Thursday. So, hopefully the lines won't be too terribly long. I am leaving work early today to go cast my vote.

On another note, some IT guy is working on stuff in our building, and the power keeps going off. ANNOYING!

Last night, LC and I went to the President of the University's house for a reception for law graduates. He got pinned with the academic shield of the university since our model is dreamers-thinkers-doers! It was very exciting to see him have accomplished such a big thing in his life! He was awfully uncomfortable. He hates things like that. He was tugging at his collar, tapping his feet, and complaining about having to talk to people. He looked very cute in his suit:) We went to dinner at Cafe Toscana in East Memphis which is my FAVE restaurant in Memphis. I recommend that Italian restaurant to anyone. Also, we have been eating out too much and spending too much money. Therefore, we need to start cooking dinner. Which means I, now, have to learn how. It's much easier when it's just you and you can just throw a lean cuisine in the microwave, but men they want a meal. Geez, what's a girl to do.

Also, I saw this dress and thought it would be cute to wear to Tigers' basketball games with tights and knee boots.

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