Monday, November 10, 2008

Pain is such a subtle thing....

So, my pain had subsided quite a bit since my doctor's visit due to the trusty muscle relaxers I suppose. However, I woke up around 4am Saturday morning in alot of pain. I finally got to feeling better and didn't even take any medicine before bed last night. However, one of my co-workers went on vacation today and left alot of the stuff she'd been working on. I mean she's a hard little worker!!!!!! However, I don't mind staying busy. I actually like being swamped, but I hate a messy desk!!! I wish that hatred of messiness would spill over into my personal life instead of just the professional one. ha! I did call the doctor today. The lab said that my test results came back negative for bacterial infections, and the ultrasound results had just gotten in. They said the doctor still has to review them and will be calling me today. That was at like 10am, and it's now 2:30 almost. Ah, the wonderful world of uber-professionals who are sooooo busy.

On another note, ah, the wonderful world of Facebook. So, TWOS (total waste of space) immediately demanded I remove my marriage off FB when we first started dating. He wanted me to put "in a relationship" on there; however, he didn't want me to relationship request him. He thought that was silly. Really it wasn't that he thought it was silly. Due to his cheating, I'm guessing he didn't want my name next to his relationship status because then the girl would know who he was dating. He ended up caving in, but nonetheless, I once got a message from a girl telling me he'd asked her out and bought her drinks all night all the while I was sick in bed. Well anyways, I cancelled my marriage on FB and relationship requested LC. That was last week some time. Now if I'd been really worried about it, of course, I'd have written about it. However, the other night I noticed it still said "in a relationship" lacking the with who part. I kind of got nervous b/c I thought possible LC had denied our relationship. So sad, that our generation feels like it might be doomsday if Internet approval is not gained. Well LC has not ignored it but also, not confirmed it. I made a joke about it today, and he can't seem to find it. He was like you need to send me another one;)

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