Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Cards....

The Outside

Inside of the card

I've been looking for the perfect Christmas card all day. However, at the end of my search I have decided not to order them. I'm not sure if they'll be here in time for me to send them out. I would have like to have sent them out now instead of the recipient only displaying them for a couple of days. Next year, I will be more on top of things. I started my Xmas shopping early this year and waited too late on Christmas cards. A girl can't win it all can she? Ha. However the one I put together looked like this...
but you know what I WANT IT ALL! Hahahahaha:)

LC cooked me some yummy quesadillas last night. He sauteed green bells with onions you know the norm. However, he added a little secret to the chicken instead of chopping it up and serving it normal, he added taco seasoning to the chicken. I swear these were the best homemade quesadillas I've ever had. I'm no chef so y'all probably know this secret!

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