Friday, December 5, 2008

today is finally here...

Today, I am so very very excited b/c Doer and I are going to see The Nutcracker tonight and taking the boyfriends with us. They really are good sports about everything we do:) Doer and I have only been friends for about a year now, but we clicked instantly. She is one of my very nearest, dearest, best friends. We both realized that every year each of us always makes plans, talks about, and contemplates going to The Nutcracker. However, neither of us has ever been. I cannot wait. Thankfully, LC's friend who is awesome got us tickets b/c well it's nice when you people. Ha!

I'm going to wear my black Melissa Masse dress with Nine West knee boots and my Michael Kors black peacoat. It's gotten cold here even in the South.
sorry the pic is small, but the other pic of it took the whole page so i had to put this one up. very cute. you can get the red one on sale right now at Neiman Marcus.

Tomorrow is my little Secret Santa party with a few of my girlfriends. There will be a few girls there I don't know. The person given to me I've only met once. I asked my girls for their opinion and beauty smell good stuff is the right way to go. Then it's off to a party in town called Stumblin' Santas. Everyone dresses up as Santa, Mrs. Claus, elves, reindeers, etc. We all barhop around downtown. It's called Stumbling Santas b/c by the end of the night patrons downtown comment on all the santas stumblin around. Hahaha:)

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