Monday, December 8, 2008

New Year's Resolution

So, I know it's still about 3 weeks away but NYE will be here before you know it. LC asked me the other day what my new year's resolution will be, and for once, I was speechless. I have no idea. He said his was to lose 20 pounds. LC is not fat nor skinny. He's just in the normal guy weight range category. I am not fat nor skinny either. I am also in the normal range. However, being a woman, we all want to be in the SKINNY category. I could lose about 10 pounds and then I would be in the skinny category but that means giving up yummy food and eating healthy food. I dunno if I'm ready for that yet. Although, I'm thinking my New Year's resolution will be "to work out on a consistant basis" once again. I'm one of those OCD kind of people about working out. Once I'm on a schedule/routine, I have to do it everyday, but once I fall off the wagon, i.e. August when I cut my foot and couldn't run for almost a month, I get lazy. I just need to get out of the lazy slump b/c i'd like to look like this....

As far as the weekend went, The Nutcracker was amazing. I will be going every year from now on free tickets or not. I will definitely make it a tradition and will force my future family that I will have to go every Xmas as well. On Saturday, I went to a small little Xmas party at a girlfriend's house. There were some girls we didn't know and some we did. We had been given our secret person to shop for and that was the most fun part. Most people got a name of someone they hadn't met yet or didn't know well. The gifts ranged from decorated wine glasses from Swoozie's, tic tac shotglass game, mani/pedi set, scarves to Starbucks gift cards. Was a very fun way to start the evening. After the little party, we headed out to a thing that goes on in Memphis downtown usually the first weekend in December called Stumbling Santas. Men dress up in Santa costumes and women dress up as elves, Mrs. Claus, reindeers, etc. It's funny b/c by the end of the night, you see about 250 Santas, Mrs. Claus, elves and so forth stumbling around downtown. We had so much fun!!!!!

LC still wants me to make a list of 10 things I want for Xmas. The thing is I have everything I need but the things I want are expensive like David Yurman, 5 qt. stand alone mixer, tory burch flats, a pearl ring, new pearl earrings, etc. I told him to buy me a Barnes and Nobles membership for like 25 bucks. I can't think of anything inexpensive for him to buy. I dunno maybe some cookbooks. I have no idea...

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great time at the ballet; we just love that particular one. We went every year when we were growing up.

Good luck with the list - it sounds like you have to get a little creative!



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