Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Dentist...da duh dum dum dum

So, I finally went to LCs dentist yesterday, and he said NO CROWN! Yay, however, he did say ROOT CANAL, argh! I had the first of 4 I think cavities filled today. I hate the dentist. It's not the dentist himself, but I hate metal on my teeth such as that little thing that scrapes tartar away. I was never one to chew on paper clips, keys, and other metal things as a kid. I HATE the sound of the drill. I can only imagine what this hole in my tooth must look like before they shove the porcelain filling into it. Also, I always think about what people did before there were things such as fillings. Is it like those old scary movies where the Psycho Dentist comes in with his drill to just drill your tooth away...
I dunno. I just get carried away. He did offer nitras gas for next time although I'm sure my insurance doesn't pay for that either and suggested I only get one filling done at a time. Geez, I must be a really big baby. Ha!
On another note, we are going to BigFoot Lodge's Xmas party tonight. If you all don't know about this restaurant, you should catch the Memphis episode of Man vs Food on the travel channel. The owner is extremely awesome and always makes sure we have a good time and great service. He even saw me in line for his Halloween party and snuck my friends and I in the secret door:)

LC just came and picked me up for lunch. We ate at yummy El Mezcal. It's my fave Mexican place out in the burbs. So, while we were out I stopped at Target to pick up a couple of gift bags and ended up buying this cute snowflake pin/brooch and a cute pair of jingle bell earrings with red bows right above the bell b/c I am going to wear a non-festive dress this evening.

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