Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How embarrassing even though I shouldn't be...

Well, last night I just met LC over his parent's house, and we had dinner with them. His mom was telling me about this book The Kite Runner and said it was really really good. It sounded like a good read, but I'll have to check it out. Other than that, I headed home, took a shower, and passed out at 9pm. That's pretty early for me, but I must have been tired.
I left my email up on LC's computer by accident and he decided to look at it since it was open. Well, I rarely checked that email up until recently b/c I always use my university account. I am no longer in school and was sent a message that my univ email would be cancelled the beginning of the year so I've had to switch everything over to my personal email account. This adult website I've never heard of has sent me emails but I never open them and assume they're spam. Well, LC opened it and said You have 7 new matches and they are ALL women. I was like that's spam. I have no idea what that's about. He was like they sent it to _________. This IS the screenname I use for everything. I've had roommates in college, boyfriends, I lived with TWOS, my ex-best friend is kind of vindictive and malicious when she's been drinking. It could be any of these people b/c I use the same screenname, and they would know that. So, he was surprised, irritated, upset, and all those things. I think he's so worried I'm going to hurt him. I def wouldn't cheat on him much less cheat on him with a woman. ha! I was very embarrassed even though I didn't do it and shouldn't be embarrassed. But nonetheless, I was still embarrassed. He tried to see if they would send me a password and no email ever came. Therefore, it's just spam and my username was probably sold from some company I've used or bought stuff off of. But I don't want him creeping around my email b/c I still like my privacy even though I don't ever do anything to have to worry about anyways. He probably saw my ebay emails about his presents, my blog emails from having to switch my user email, etc. He doesn't even know about this blog nor do my friends.

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Anonymous said...

These are just the worst things to go through, I swear at some point it probably happens to everyone. I'm just sorry you have to cope with it Miss Southern Belle. No matter how they get there, seeing that stuff in your email or desktop is mortifying. I hope he clearly understands by now how this happened.

Sending you good thoughts,


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