Friday, December 19, 2008

tired and hungover=a sleepy Southern Belle

Last night was so much fun. I received a very cute sweater. My secret Santa was my besty B. It's brown with cute little bronze jewels at the neck. B has some yummy pink champagne. I loved it!!!! It was not dry and didn't even give me a headache:) Then, we headed to Pearl's Oyster Bar for a little dinner and a bday celebration. After that, we headed to Bigfoot Lodge's Xmas bash. That was so much fun. LC and his friends met us up there, and we had a blast. The party was invite only and the drinks were only 2$. Seriously, 2$ wine, 2$ HUGE beers, $2 well drinks. Shawn, the owner, rocks!!!!!Today, I'm paying for it though.

Our office Xmas party is today, and I'm stuffed. Everyone brought in the most yummy food! One yummy thing were these pinwheels. They tasted like mini mexican pieces of heaven!! My co-worker said to buy this tortilla shells. Spread cream cheese over the shells. Spread a good black bean dip over the cream cheese. Then sprinkle cheese, onion, red bell pepper, and anything else you like. After that roll up tortilla like a cylinder. Then cut slices which of course look like pinwheels. Serve with salsa. OMG, LPOH=Little piece of heaven:)

btw, I know I talk about LC alot but he really is absolutely wonderful. I would have had to make my cupcakes for my office party today on Wednesday night considering last night was so busy for me. Well, he was off work yesterday and today. He got up even before I did yesterday and made the cupcakes for me!!!! All I had to do today was take them to work and frost them. He really is the BEST boyfriend ever!

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Anonymous said...

You have such a lovely blog! I just started one a couple days ago, but have been reading them forever. I'm glad you had fun with your Christmas present swap! Stay in touch!


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