Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Look What I Got.....

Haha. JK. I wish:)

Now, what I really got was my dress in the mail yesterday. However, it is just a tad too tight in the hips. Do y'all have any suggestions on how to fix this?
Also, I got an early birthday present. My birthday is in a couple of weeks. I always get a new dress to wear on my bday. This is the Lilly Betsey dress LC got me. It took forever to track a store down that had this. It fits absolutely perfect. I LOVE IT:)
We went to see the movie Taken last night. It was pretty good. It's a flick I recommend to take your bf to or just to go with friends. It's action packed with a decent story plot.

Also, make sure you check out A Southern Accent's blog. She's having a giveaway!!!!!


Medicated and Motivated said...

For the dress that's too tight in the hips, try a pair of Spanx.

That Lilly dress is adorable!

The Pink Chick said...

Both dresses are absolutely adorable! I agree with trying Spanx. If that doesn't work, see if a tailor can take it out a tad.

Jennifer said...

Cute dresses! You are going to look too cute!

Stephanie said...

I like the new birthday dress. I have such a hard time shopping for dresses.

Surf Girl said...

I agree about the dress that's too tight - Spanx are the answer.
And I love the pink's too cute!!

Anonymous said...

We were going to suggest Spanx, they are supposed to be fabulous, a little miracle worker! Can we just say those dressed are darling?!

Have a splendid weekend Miss Belle,


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