Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Please help me with a recipe...(Updated)


I have no idea what I'm going to do. We are going to celebrate LC's bday on Saturday night. He has asked that I cook him dinner as part of his gift. I mean seriously is he freaking kidding. This is coming from the man who cooks me dinner every night and breakfast every if I can get my lazy arse out of bed in time morning. He's also a perfectionist that loves to cook if that gives you any insight on what it is to try to have him teach you. We've tried that, and it does NOT work. Seriously, if he had to be my cooking instructor, it would be the demise of our relationship. I am going to cook while he is gone far away doing man stuff. You know whatever men do when they're not with you. Now, the real reason I am babbling and telling you all my secrets is I desperately need your help. To proclaim that I am a novice in the kitchen is a vast understatement and a travesty to all of you lovely ladies who hone your skills and are wonderful cooks and bakers. I need a tasty but EASY fool proof recipe to cook for LC. I would love any suggestions, links, ANYTHING. Yes, I'm screaming in all caps. Yes, I'm desperate. I read your blogs and you all seem so crafty and such good little cooks and great shoppers too. I'm good at spending money and spending money I don't have and spending LC's money. I'm good at picking out clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, etc. That is my forte. Please help me......[insert fading falling off a cliff voice here].
Thanks y'all. Seriously, even if you are a lurkervisitor and have a fabulous recipe, please leave it. I do appreciate it!!!
UPDATE-----Thank you all for your comments. Please keep them coming. I would appreciate all the easy wonderful recipes that you all love to make. You can email them to me southernbellejm@gmail.com
Thanks Ladies!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Southern Belle. Love your blog!
What type of food does LC like? Meat and potatoes, pasta chicken dishes casseroles...?
I'd love to try and help you out-I'm in the process of writing a cookbook and have some great recipes!
If you pop over to my blog I have a photo of a Smoked Ham and Asparugus Tart that I make regularly-SO EASY!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I for got the commas!
It's pasta, chicken dishes, casseroles-sorry!

Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

Hey girlie! Go to my cooking blog:


Search for:

Chicken Casserole
Pork Milanese
Ritz Parmesan Chicken

These are totally easy, and you probably have half the ingredients already. Email me with ANY questions, as I will help in any way I can!

sweethomeamy at live dot com

Good luck!! :)

Lis said...

Hey sweetie! Try kraftfoods.com - I know it's not gourmet - but all of their recipes are easy and delicious!! Good luck - you will do great. Try not to stress!!!
:) Let us know how it turns out!

Learning As I Go said...

I love the cartoon clip..too funny.
What is his favorite food? I know how to bake chicken or lasagna if you want some recipes. They are easy to make and it doesn't take long. Let me know. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I say check out Pioneer Womens's cowboy food section and see what you can find in there, she does great tutorials. Or a friend of mine over at http://cooklikeachampion.blogspot.com has this really awesome dish called Laughing Cow chicken that I made for my hubbie and we really liked it. I have only posted a couple recipes on my site so far for dinner. Turkey Meatloaf, Taco Soup and Baked Ziti Marinara, Sorry! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Southern Belle.
I posted a very easy ecipe on my blog for you to check out-good luck!

Jennifer said...

I feel your pain. I think that I would be freaking out also. I can spend money like nobody's business. I know how to cook spaghetti and pancakes and that's about it. I really want to learn, but I figure I will learn in a year when Thomas and I move in together. Until then, we eat pancakes and spaghetti when he asks me to cook.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I'm not sure what you mean by "put it on top of roasting pan", Southern Belle.
Just put the roast inside the pan and pur the marinade over the roast. Cover the top with a large piece of foil-over the roast. Make sure the foil is tight over the pan and roast.
Does this help?

PS- The sides of the roasting pan should be at least 3"high.

Unknown said...

I post easy recipes on my blog - check it out if you want some ideas... And good luck!

Anonymous said...
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Chasity @ Haute Mommy Blog said...

I have some super easy recipes on my blog. Click on "recipes" on the side.

I saw your comment on jrandchristin's blog...I would love an email copy of that cookbook too!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh MIss Belle, what a cute request from him! Everyone's suggestions pretty much nail it, but we have one easy suggestion for an appetizer or side dish:
-take a piece of pita bread and slice it open on the sides
-lightly butter each half using room temp butter
-sprinkle with sesame seeds
-place under broiler for 1 to 1-1/2 minutes until brown and crispy (You could have LC monitor them so they don't burn, give him something to do!)
The Consort loves these!

Good luck, you will do great!

KLC said...

im going to email you 2 recipes right now :)

Megan said...

Hey girl... I'm making Italian Baked Chick and Pastina tonight for dinner. I've never had it before but I'm going to be taking pics and will post them tomorrow, along with the recipe :)

Sarah said...

here's a really easy recipe (5 ingredients, 15 mins, and the most you have to do is put things on a baking sheet and then stack them) for salmon that tastes SO good: http://saraheshepard.blogspot.com/2009/03/yummo.html

Belle on Heels said...

giada on foodnetwork.com has the best recipe for salmon! the recipe name is broiled salmon with mustard glaze and it is AH-mazing (and idiot-proof!) i make it with mashed redskin potatoes, skin still on, and then either roasted asparagus or broccoli. YUM! good luck :)


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