Saturday, October 17, 2009

Homecoming Ex-Capades..

You have another visitor today whilst I am basking in the sun or being drenched by a monsoon and enjoying a pina colada on the beach or floating on Noah's ark. Miss LMR over at Nautical and Southern was so gracious to do a guest post for me. And believe me ladies, we've all been there. Ick! But she handled herself well, and all will be as it was in due time! She is just too darn cute, and she is relatively new to the blogging world; so, stop over there and tell her hello. Especially, you Southerners; because, well, it's just the polite thing to do, y'all! And who doesn't like all things Nautical and Southern; so, without further adieu....

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be guest blogging while Southern Belle is getting a tan in Florida.

(Belle note: I put this on here for you LMR, I thought you'd like it)

I’m a twenty something living in Richmond, VA. I graduated from UVA a few years ago and love all things reality tv, j crew, and nautical related! UVA had it’s Homecoming last weekend and it was amazingly fun, like I think I’m still in college right now fun. Except for one thing....the Ex boyfriend brigade trolling around grounds and waiting to accost me! I’m always been one to stay in touch/be friends with ex boyfriends because I think it’s better to have a good relationship after spending so much time with someone, though this certainly is based on the way the relationship ends, I understand. So here I am, at Charlottesville bars on the Corner, going out with a group of my friends to see everyone in town for the weekend. I’m just minding my own business, and downing really! strong vodka sodas, and the crowd parts and I see the most recent Ex. I actually saw one of his friends first, and where there’s one, I know he is lurking. (Belle note: so true, when you see one, you know they're all there somewhere) So fine—not expecting this, but I’ll just pretend like I haven’t seen him (I didn’t think he saw me yet). So time goes by and Ex starts to come my way---meanwhile my un-ex, actual boyfriend has been searching all over the bar for me to say he’s leaving with some friends. They arrive next to me at the exact! same! time! I didn’t know what to do—I know that sounds bad, obviously! I should greet the boyf and ignore the Ex for a second but I didn’ fact I did the opposite. I was so thrown off guard! Could this have been a more awkward moment for my boyf to meet an ex? I hadn’t seen this guy in um 2 years and did not have a game plan (or a drunk game plan) to deal with this situation. So my actual got pissed and it was a mess after that—he left and I stayed with my friends the rest of the night. Has anyone else had an awkward run in with an Ex? (Belle note: Why yes LMR, I have very recently. I ran into rebound boy who is now dating one of my friends. Can I get an "awkward". He tried to talk to me. I completely ignored him. All my Southern manners just flew right out the window or bar I should say. Tehe. At least you were gracious and said hello. After all, you were just being polite. Ha!)

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Anonymous said...

omg about an awkward moment. I feel your pain. To sum it up I had 2 serious BF in my teens/late teens. {one of which is my hubby who moved here when I was 18} Some how or another him and my ex to to be good friends! sheesh! So here we are and I'm a in the.worst.position.ever. I know the ex has told my hubs a bunch of BS about me in the past that was not true and when my hubs gets mad at me he will through stuff up in my face & get mad at me and not the ex! WTH?? Why o why could my hubs not be from here too so I could have some dirt on him?? hehe. Hope things are better now and that your having a great day! = )


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