Friday, October 16, 2009

Knock, Knock. Who is it? Guess Who?

Hi y'all, a very special visitor is here for you today. As you know I'm in the ever so lovely Sunny pssh it better be Sunny panhandle of Florida. I couldn't just leave you hanging without anything to find in your reader. I asked one of my most favorite bloggers Southern Champagne Wishes to do a guest post for me. Not only is she super stylish (the shoes, I die!), she is such a sweet person. Although we live very close in proximity when speaking of the blogging world, we have not met in person. I am hoping that soon Anna and I can meet in real life. I just know that I will love her; because, I already adore her. If you haven't stopped by her blog, please do. You will fall in love with her too, not in a single white female ps-that movie still freaks me out sort of way, but in a we could so be best friends way. She and I have alot in common, and you are gonna love this post ladies=)

“There is no crash course that teaches you how to be a Southern belle. You can’t learn the rules by reading Amy Vanderbilt. And this is one time even Ann Landers can’t help. Real Southern tradition is taught at birth by doting mothers, aunts, and grandmothers and passed down from generation to generation. An outsider just doesn’t have a clue.”

Hi everyone! This is Anna from Southern Champagne Wishes here doing a guest post for Belle who is currently enjoying a fab Florida vacation with LC. I was thrilled to do a guest post for her since I absolutely adore her blog (and she was the first person to ever comment on mine!).

So, since Belle and I are both Southern girls (we actually live in the same place), I thought I’d do a post on one of my favorite books:

A Southern Belle Primer (Or Why Princess Margaret will never be a Kappa Kappa Gamma) by Maryln Schwartz.

This book offers a humorous look at the lives of Southern belles all around the South, and while definitely funny, is also quite accurate at times.

Some things learned from A Southern Belle Primer:

“Tacky is a word you hear so often from Southern Belles it is almost their national anthem.” A story follows this quote about a woman who was not asked to join the Junior League because she put dark meat in her chicken salad. And that was just tacky. (Don’t do it, y’all)! (Belle note: OMG, I so use the word "tacky" ALL. THE. TIME.)

This book also contains A Southern Belle’s Ten Golden Rules. Here is one of my favorites:

“It doesn’t matter if you marry a man who doesn’t know the difference between a shrimp fork and a pickle fork; you can always teach him. Just make sure he can afford to buy you both.”

Another part of the book that I love offers insight into silver patterns (which are a very big deal in the South):

“My dear, this is something you must always remember. Your bosom can be fake. Your smile can be fake and your hair color can be fake. But your pearls and your silver must always be real.” Words to live by! (Belle note: so true!)

There are 12 silver patterns that are very popular among Southern belles and I thought I’d share a few of them:

Francis I by Reed and Barton: “The belle who chooses Francis I is a girl who wants it all.” This is definitely me. The knife handle has 28 pieces of fruit on it! Over the top? Yes. And I love it!

Grand Baroque by Wallace International: “Grand Baroque girls also have a sense of the dramatic. But they also have a literary bent.” This one is similar to Francis I, but has flowers instead of fruit. (Belle note: this is my fave. Then again, I was an English major with a concentration in literature. And sometimes, I can definitely be dramatic. ha!)

I have gone back and forth between these two patterns more times than I can count. Choosing a silver pattern is a big deal to us Southern girls. The book points out that many young belles have chosen their silver pattern by the age of 11! Knowing some of my friends, I believe it.

Here’s a few more:

Burgundy by Reed and Barton: “Burgundy girls tend to be somewhat shy. They have dreams of being splashy, but they just can’t let go.”

Chantilly by Gorham: “Belles with Chantilly tend to be a bit prissy.”

Finally, a good way to tell if someone is a Southern belle is if they have an iced tea pitcher and a deviled egg plate in their home.

“Southerners don’t just drink iced tea, they practically inhale it. They see no reason not to drink it when snow is on the ground. It’s equally appropriate in the middle of a heat wave.” Truer words were never spoken. If I go a day without iced tea, I am a very sad girl indeed!

So, if you really want to fit in with the Southern belles, you will need this:
Mr. Coffee Three Quart Iced Tea Maker (makes the perfect iced tea, which you can then transfer to a pretty glass or crystal pitcher depending on the occasion).

And, you will also need one of these:

Arthur Court Deviled Egg Plate

Well, it’s a good start, anyway!

Thank you, Belle, for letting me guest post! I hope you have a great trip and I know we all can’t wait to hear about it when you return!

Belle note: And tomorrow, you'll be greeted by another wonderful guest from the blogging world=)


Anonymous said...

Great post Anna!! I have had that book in my hands sooooo many times but never actually made it to the register with it...I think next time will be different! = )

Leah said...

This is a great post! "I like the Chantilly silver pattern so I must be prissy. Ha!

KatieB. said...

Great post! I must buy this book now. It sounds adorable! On a side note - my silver is Chantilly and I have three glass pitchers (all different styles, naturally). I had to buy some plastic ones though because my husband nearly broke the good ones several times getting it in and out of the fridge.

katie lake said...

My momma's silver is very close to the Chantilly and it just so happened my daddy's mother had the same one. As for making my tea - I go old school. Boil the water, pour it over the bags, add sugar, then add enough cold water and ice to fill it up. My pitcher is from the Great White collection at Pottery Barn and I love it.

Kathryn said...

This is one of my all time faves!

Lizzie said...

love this! i have go to go out and buy this book! thanks :)

Unknown said...

Were there ever truer words spoken?! Love this book. Great post!


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