Sunday, February 27, 2011

Handicap Rant

Ok, I was really astonished by what I saw last night. In case you don't know, I work at a restaurant part time as well as teach. I've been working at the restaurant since I was 20 and have seen a lot of things in the duration, but what I saw last night just burned me up!

First off, one of my grandmothers was handicapped. She became ill when my mother was barely a teenager and became paralyzed. They weren't exactly sure what caused it, but later on, they figured it was probably MS. I grew up aware of the troubles and disadvantages a disabled person can face. I remember helping my grandmother into and out of her wheelchair, trying to get around the aisles in the store, etc. I was taught at an early age to be mindful and have manners towards others who were "different". I never gawk or stare because I remember when I was little what it felt like to have people gawk at us:(

At my restaurant, I make sure to hold the doors open for people who are elderly or handicapped. Not to mention, it helps out the person whom is pushing/holding them. It's enough to steer a wheelchair but to have to open the door too...that's too much!  That brief half a minute of me opening a door and saying hello can make a difference in a person's day. No one requires me to do that but why not. Why not be polite? Why not show some manners?I'm Southern, and that's how I was raised. You say please and thank you and respect the elderly NO MATTER WHAT!

As I was coming back inside from delivering a to-go order, a woman was pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair. I could have just went inside, but instead, I held the door open. As I was holding the door open, a grown middle aged woman maybe even a tad older than that arrived at the door at about the same time as the woman in the wheelchair. As I was holding the door open, I was taken aback at the middle aged woman's behavior. She did not stop and let the woman and her friend pushing her go ahead and go inside. Instead, she proceeded to maneuver herself around the wheelchair going through the door first and go inside. I stared at her like "Really?!?!!?!!!" I didn't apologize to the elderly woman because I didn't want to berate her due to whatever caused her illness. Not sure if that was the right move, but I felt rather than make note of the situation to just ignore the rude woman's behavior. I told them the women to enjoy their meal and have a lovely evening. The ladies smiled and didn't even acknowledge what had just happened.

Seriously, it just burned me up last night, and I am still burned up today. I would expect that out of a child or a teenager but not a grown woman.

Sorry, I just had to get that out! Hope you all are having a great weekend:)


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Ugh! I hate people like that. The only thing I can say is that karma is a witch.

The Preppy Princess said...

You know, this is the sort of thing that would make my head explode, honestly. I love reading the way you were brought up not ogle or treat others differently, that is a special trait.

BTW, loving the previous posts, congrats on maintaining your weight, whoo-hoo!

Sending you a smile Miss Belle,

Gracie Beth said...

I had a similar experience when I was at the hospital for my internship! A woman was almost in tears trying to get her paralyzed husband into the elevator and a younger guy pretty much climbed over them. She was so frazzled she dropped her bag and looked absolutely shocked that I helped her. That encounter made me so sad.

JMB said...

My dad and I were just having a similar conversation on Friday about how people just have no "people skills" anymore...which is no excuse but at this day and age people have just lost their minds, it is all about ME, ME, ME.

I think you handled the situation in a classy way (which you already know) but had it been me in your shoes, I would have been burned up have a heart and just hate to see people act so rude. I know.

Kristin said...

What?! How RUDE!

Cait said...

i really like like your blog and i def agree- i would freak out with people like that! karma is def heading there way i hope! xo

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

What really bugs me is when I see people who borrow a relative's handicap parking sticker. I knew of a few people in college who did this so that they could get great spots near their classes, and I couldn't believe it! They were all like, "Oh - it's OK. My gramma doesn't drive so she lets me use it." I wanted to smack them upside the head and say, "Duh - that's not the point! Someone else who really has a handicap needs that spot, you bum!"

Whitney said...

You know as much as I do that I hate people like that! And in my job I see it all. the. time. I'm just glad you work in a place of business who knows the difference between right and wrong. :)

Ruth said...

That is so rude. I am not shocked to hear someone did it though. I watch people all the time park in handicap places so they don't have to walk. I called someone on it one day in front of their child and got cussed out. Their defense was there were no handicapped people around. You don't know when someone will need it my grandparents all need it now and there are times they have to be dropped off at the door by who they ride with or go back to the store later because walking that far on their own is not possible.

Beach Bum & Baby said...

I love you.

My mom is in a wheelchair and has been since I was 23. So.. 6 years now. I cannot tell you the time I have taking her places. People are just awful. It kills me.

When she first ended up in the chair and I had to take her on errands I came home and cried for hours. It was SO hard.

Thank you so so much for posting this. You rock.

Kristin said...

That is just..there are just no words. How can people be so rude?? I get super pissy when people behave that way, and I'm not so quiet about voicing my opinions.

Lauren@ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Thank you for posting this -- Burns me UP when I see rude people like this! My grandmother ALWAYS takes note of it in her own Southern ladylike way, referring to it as having no "home training".

Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

That just makes me so sad! But yet, doesn't surprise me. It seems like people in today's society are slowly forgetting manners and humanity.

I see it all the time. Just plain rudeness. And I want to be like, being nice and having manners and saying excuse me and thank you would make your day so much better than just being rude to everyone in your way!

Ruthie said...

I can't believe how rude some people can be! Very selfish of that woman.


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