Monday, February 27, 2012

Baubles Galore:)))))))

BaubleBar Faves

I just discovered BaubleBar!!!! These are a few of my favorite pieces off their site right now! I stumbled across this site when googling a pair of earrings that a celebrity had been wearing.  They have super cute accessories in all price ranges which is nice! To be honest, I haven't ordered anything from them. I'm going to treat myself once I graduate in May and this is definitely a wish list for me:)

And I loooooooooooove this pic from their blog. I love the Pickford bracelet below!

If you'd like an invite, here's my link:
An invite link is also on my sidebar!
Happy Shopping:)))))))))

On and by the way, thanks to a wonderful reader Ashley over at Loving Life and Lilly I was able to get the LP Josephina dress that I blogged about this weekend for $169 instead of $278. I figure it won't go down more than that because it's so pretty I'm sure it would sell out before they would lower the price some more. It's not on sale online, you have to call one of the corporate stores to get it. Just passing it along:)

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Leslie said...

That's great! That is a lovely dress and one I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing lots. :)

REBrown said...

I have the monogram necklace and I wear it all the time!


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