Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mmm Mmm Good!

For the longest time, I hated tomatoes. I wouldn't eat tomatoes on ANYTHING. I forget when my affinity for tomatoes began. I believe it was some time in college. Yes, you read that correctly, COLLEGE. I have no idea what had taken me so long to fall in love, but alas, it happened. I love tomatoes, tomato sandwiches, tomatoes on a salad, tomatoes on my Mexican food, tomatoes on my burgers, tomato soup, fried green tomatoes. Ok, ok, I'll stop before I start to sound like Bubba Gump about shrimp but about tomatoes instead. Ha! Campbell's had come out with these new soups. I loved, loved, LOVED this one:
I could eat it every day, all day. However, LC was not happy with a $3-4 price tag. He's right. That's so pricey for a bowl of soup. One day while shopping at Costco, he brought this home:
Oh My Word!!!! This soup is SO AMAZINGLY GOOD! It's comparable with the kettle one by Campbell's. Not to mention, for the price of two of the kettle soups, you can get an 8 pack of these. I eat this ALL the time. Like seriously. I had it for lunch on Saturday, and I had it for lunch again on Sunday. If I didn't have to lug a bowl to school and silverware, I'd probably eat this for lunch every day. Pair this with a grilled cheese, and it is utter perfection! If you have a Costco near you, check for this. It's seriously so yummy. Mmm Mmm Good!
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Leslie said...

I'll definitely be checking it out; I love tomato soup and, of course, I'll be pairing it with some grilled cheese!


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