Sunday, March 11, 2012

Master's Paper=Bad for Bank Account

So, writing this master's paper has not only cost me time, but it has also cost me $$$$. You see I posted yesterday about taking "breaks". Well, my paper has made me crazy. I know you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about. I have to do a literature review for my paper basically stating what the "research" says about what I'm doing. It's super boring and full of statistics and people just quoting a bunch of other people. I find it very mundane and monotonous. I'd rather write a thesis on Shakespeare. I'm one of those that excel in what I love and make everything 10x worse and 10x as long if I loathe it. And that's what this lit review has become. It has become the bane of my existence.

Anyway, back to the point, this paper has cost me $$$. I find myself finding pretties! Too many to be exact. These are the pretties I've purchased in the past month.
(PS-ordered this yesterday from The Colorful Gator. They are running a code that ends at midnight. $15 off a purchase. Use code MOVING)
(got this for like $26 by using code and that price includes shipping)
LP Eryn Dress in Multi-Chorus Girl
(got brand new w/tags off Re-Lilly for $130. Check out MandyLovesLilly on there. She had great communication and fast shipping!)
purchased from LP Madison Ave. store in New York

Now onto the jewelry. I have been an eBay fool lately avoiding said project. I have been buying jewelry using the excuse that if I buy some new baubles I don't have to buy new clothes. You know the baubles will dress up my existing wardrobe. Yeah right! Haha:)
 I bought the J. Crew pink bubble and the turquoise bubble necklace. I'm going to try to get the papaya color that's on the left. Supposedly, they are authentic. We'll see. The seller has great ratings and very few negative feedbacks. 
This was the J. Crew fireball necklace. I didn't pay attention to the fact that it didn't say authentic. I only paid like 6 bucks for it. Got it in; totally don't think it's real J. Crew, but for the price it's cute, I got lots of compliments on it, and it's about the price I'd pay in F21 for a necklace. So, I'm not disappointed.
I ordered this J. Crew crystal bib necklace in this color and gold. They came in, and I think they aren't authentic either. I only paid 27 for both so again I'm not disappointed in the quality for the price I paid. However, once again it's a lesson to make sure to check out the authenticity of the seller.
BOHM earrings. 
Thought these were fun, and I love peacock colors:) These were legit which made me happy!

My parents gave me a $100 so technically the Josephina dress was part of my bday present. I needed this for my BIL's wedding this summer. And, the Eryn dress is for the wedding weekend as well. The Ciara tunic is going to be my graduation present to myself. Well that is if I can get this paper finished and actually graduate. LOL! The others are just frivolous purchases. 

Advice: don't shop while you research and write a master's project paper.
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Megan said...

I recently bought the Ciara Tunic and Eryn Dress in Multi-Chorus Girl. I love that pattern! Love the Josephina dress as well!

Erin said...

Those dresses and necklaces are so cute! If you don't mind, what is the name of the seller that you got the bubble necklaces from? I'm never sure if they're authentic or not...


Anonymous said...

I love the Jcrew necklaces! Please share the name of the seller :)

Texan Couture said...

I love the tunic and the Josephina dress!

Glitterista said...

I have the tunic and the Eryn and love them both! Good luck with your paper--you're so close to graduation! :)

CAC muffin said...

Oh my gosh I've been in love with the eryn pattern since I laid eyes on it

Mrs. Cuddlefish said...

Love the necklaces!!! Did you receive them? If so, do you think they are authentic and what is the name of the seller? Thanks for the information!!


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