Thursday, July 19, 2012

Savannah Day 3

I didn't get to do much in Savannah on this day because it was the day before my BIL's wedding. And again, if you don't care about reading about Savannah, make sure to scroll to the bottom to see the CUTE CUTE outfit I'm wearing. I think I was channeling Mad Men in this dress:)

During the day, I had to go to my SIL's ladies luncheon. It was held at this beautiful resort in South Carolina (about 20-30 minutes from downtown Savannah). Her family own a lot in the resort and plan on building a house in the future. From what I gather, they come to Palmetto Bluff a few times a year. I, now, totally understand why she wanted to get married in Savannah and have her reception here. Who wouldn't?!?!?!?!!!
 **i borrowed their gallery photo**

You can rent cottages to stay on the resort, and there are also a few rooms at the Inn to rent as well. In all reality, if you stay here, you NEVER have to leave. There are houses (they call them cottages---um, they're the size of a house), a few rooms as the inn to stay, a grocery store, a post office, a boutique, a restaurant, and many other things!!!! They have beach cruisers for you to explore the property, docks where if you stand long enough you can see dolphins in the water, a golf course, etc. I seriously could go on and on and on. It's absolutely gorgeous. I didn't take an outfit photo because I was in a hurry and had on a dress I've already posted on here a few times anyway. 
  These are a couple of pics I took while on the property.
My SIL's colors were grey, white, and yellow. I thought the arrangements at the luncheon were very pretty, and I love the mint julep cup style container! The food at Palmetto Bluff was superb, and we were served bellinis. They were also delish! After the luncheon, we were able to choose how we wanted to spend the rest of the time: riding beach cruisers on the property, pool time, walking around, etc. Of course, I chose pool time!!!! On the way to the pool, we happen to run across my FIL. Instead of going to the golfing outing, he decided to come to Palmetto Bluff. They happened to have a bocce court which I think is what enticed him. My in-laws are Italian, so if you know Italians, you know bocce!

LC's cousin's wife and I ended up just chatting poolside at the pool pictured earlier. Loved it!!!!! We had planned on returning poolside once back at the hotel, but a downpour came and spoiled our plans!

 OOTN: Rehearsal Dinner
dress: Lilly Pulitzer Eryn in Multi Chorus Girl print
shoes: Nine West
handbag: Louis Vuitton
jewelry: earrings--Banana Republicbracelets: mixture of Express and bangles from Jewelry Nut Auctions

Later that night, the rehearsal dinner was at Vic's on the River. Vic's along with another restaurant I'll be posting about soon were the best dinners I had in Savannah hands down! I was served beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Oh my word!!! It was so good:) I highly recommend going here if you're looking to do a nice meal one night in town. If you can do two nice meals, I'll have another recommendation in a post to come. I can't remember what the hors d'oeurves passed around were, but they were good as well:)))

Here's the arrangement on the table coordinating with the bride's color scheme.

Afterwards, we went to an Out of Towners' party at the Chart House. I didn't sample any of the food since I'd already ate, but the cake served (not sure if this was brought in or TCH's) was good! Seems like a good place for dinner and drinks.
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Caroline said...

I love that Lily dress! So gorgeous!

Lori said...

I love that Eryn dress, you look gorgeous!!! That resort is amazing, so glad you had a fabulous time!


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