Friday, July 20, 2012

Savannah Day 4

Today, was the day of my BIL's wedding. No exploring Savannah on this day.

 Here's my outfit:
OOTD: Wedding
dress: Lilly Pulitzer Josephina in coral/gold
shoes: Nine West 
handbag: Lilly Pulitzer glam it up clutch in metallic gold
jewelry: earrings--J. Crew//bracelets: Stella & Dot bangles--sunset, paige, sloane

So happy I decided on this dress! It really is so much more gorgeous in person than this picture can show. I received countless compliments including what I think was the wedding planner telling me this was her favorite dress at the festivities.What I didn't get was a pic of the back. The back has an exposed gold zipper. I'm normally not one for an exposed zipper, but it looked really tasteful with this dress. :)
Here's an up close pic of the J. Crew earrings I was wearing. I love these!!! I actually got these off eBay so I'm not so sure they are "authentic" as they came from China or Hong Kong. Still, I believe I only paid like 5 bucks for them anyway. Regardless, I still like them. 

Here's a close up of the bangles. My FIL said they were the prettiest bracelets he's ever seen. Then again, my FIL is nice like that anyway; however, I do love them:)))))
Notice the fan and the koozie. The bride had these fans with yellow ribbon (so cute!) tied to them for us to fan ourselves at the cocktail hour on the lawn. Good thing because I don't think anyone cooled down the whole night, and they were of much use!!! I always have a koozie of some sort in my purse, and luckily, this one fit perfect over the latin lemonades being served:))))

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Erin said...

You look great! And so funny- I bought those same earrings off eBay for $4. Thinking about getting them for my bridesmaids next summer- they're so pretty!

Lori said...

I agree about the bracelets, they're beautiful and you look great!!!!

Glitterista said...

You look gorgeous! Love the outfit, especially all the jewels. ;)


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