Saturday, July 21, 2012

SB at the Movies!

Sorry to interrupt the Savannah posts. I know several of you have emailed me waiting on my recommendations, and a couple of tweeps are wanting to know more for their trip. I'll resume on the next post.

First, I just have to post about these shoes. I LOVE them. My MIL bought them for me:) I don't remember the brand name, but you can get them at DSW. They are muted earth tones and really can go with a lot which is what I like about them. I've been dying to wear them but just haven't gotten around to it. Well, I decided it didn't matter what I was wearing last night; I was going to wear these shoes! Notice the colored tile floor...we went to my best friend's son's birthday party. It was at a place where you can rent rooms and in the room are these inflatable slides, jumpers, etc. The kids were having so much fun:))) I simply cannot believe he just turned 4 this week. It seems like yesterday I was receiving the text about him and heading straight to the hospital. My how time flies!!!

UPDATE. EDITED TO ADD: I've had some emails and a comment on what the brand of my shoes is. The brand is Levity. 

Btw, this is still the same pedicure from Sassy's Nails on Broughton in Savannah. It's still going strong!

And to the movie part....

The Dark Knight Rises
SB's Rating: 4 out of 5
I thought it was worth paying for a night ticket. I really enjoyed the movie!!! However, I don't anything will top the first one with Christian Bale as Batman. Overall, still a good movie. I wasn't so sure of Anne Hathaway as catwoman. I thought she did a good job, but I'm still not so sure she was the right fit. However, it wasn't too hard to watch Christian Bale for almost three hours;)
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Lori said...

The shoes are adorable!

REBrown said...

My MIL got me those shoes too! They really are versatile. I've worn them with so many different things.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are SO cute! Who are they made by? I want a pair!


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