Saturday, November 17, 2012

Run to the Gap!!!

If you're like me, one of my staple on the go outfits during the winter is a long sleeve tee and a scarf. I'm not sure if the sale was today only or this whole entire weekend, but the Gap's long sleeve tees are 2 for $25, even the slightly more expensive like the striped ones. I got all of these for 81 bucks and some change including tax. Not bad. Quite a few things I wanted, but I'm being good and only buying what I need. I needed more of a selection of tees for work and leisure:)
The striped tee on the left is actually navy and white, the tee in the middle is navy, and the top right tee is blue  and white. Staples for every preppy's closet:) So, have you gotten any good deals this weekend? Do share:)


Classy Fab Sarah said...

I neeeed these. And the nearest Gap is like 40 miles away. Disliiiike.

A Simple Southern Life said...

long sleeve shirts and scarves are my go to staple as well! Easy and cute(:

Southern Belle Mama said...

I love Gap! I am on bedrest right now, but my mom went to pick up a few things for me today so I could use the 40% off coupon! These shirts are classic. :)


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