Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Detox

I was just thinking the other day about how I can't wait til Christmas break! With no lesson plans to do, ok who am I kidding---I'm constantly honing my craft, no papers to grade---I REFUSE to bring home papers this year, and all of my Christmas shopping done, what will I do?!?!?!?!!

I feel during the holidays we just go-go-go that we forget to take care of ourselves.  Because of my two week break over the holiday, I was thinking about what could be a good way for me to detox and unwind.

A spa day is out of the question with saving for IVF, so I thought I could just have a spa day at home!

photo credit: here. 

It's been a long time since I've had a bubble bath! But, I think that will  be the perfect way to relax and detox.  Drawing a bath adding my favorite bath salts, Aveda's Soothing Aqua Therapy; plugging in my Scentsy warmer and warming a spa like scent such as awakening or just breathe; putting on some feel good tunes---I'm thinking Relaxation Station on Pandora or a little John Mayer-mid career; and turning out the lights and just shutting out the world would totally help me unwind. And as any teacher would tell you, I'd have to have a pen and paper close by. It never fails while I'm trying to relax that my mind just won't quit. So, while relaxing, I think I'll put a notepad and pen on one of the corners so if I need to add to my to-do list or an idea for my class comes to mind, I can just jot it down. And, some of my best work comes when I am simply trying not to work. :) 

And speaking of notepads, I need a new one! I think this would be perfect to complete my spa day: Bubbling Beauty from Tiny Prints. Fitting, no?

What will you be doing to unwind during the holidays? 
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Tammy Jo said...

That sounds so very relaxing and sounds like it is well deserved :)

Megan Ashley said...

I must get these spa scents for my scentsy! I love those types of smells.


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