Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

And I guess I'll just get to the "obligatory" post about resolutions. This year I am going to make resolutions. 2013 was not a good year for me. My job was super stressful, my dog got cancer, my mom got cancer, I found out IVF is my only option to have a baby among other things. However, there were good moments too: I was moved to American History which I love teaching, a baby shower brought my college besties and me together for an afternoon, I became a member of the DAR, I was a level 5 (top level) teacher, among others.
So, as I reflected last night, there were good things and there were a lot of bad things. But hey, no rain--no rainbow, right?

I've been seeing posts about one word resolutions: I would say mine is IMPROVEMENT.

I want to improve my health           ---- get into a workout regimen again
I want to improve my faith             ---- join a new church. our old church is too far and we haven't really
                                                           gone since we got married TWO YEARS AGO except for on
                                                           holidays. i think improving my faith will also help mentally prepare me                                                            for IVF. i feel i've kinda lost my faith along the way on this infertility

I want to improve my friendships    ---- i want to make more time for my friends. i feel like we all get so
                                                            caught up with careers, life, etc. that we don't get together as much:/

I want to improve my mental health ---- i plan on leaving school when the bell rings. no more taking all this
                                                            stuff home or staying til 5 or 5:30 at school. i need time for myself,
                                                            my family, my husband, and things i need to do. it can just wait until
                                                            the next day. this gives me time to work out, do laundry, clean, etc.

I want to improve my finances       ---- i have paid off three credit cards this year and have three more to go.                                                             i want to keep working hard to pay off my debt. i'm hoping to have
                                                           only my student loans in two years.

 I want to improve my marriage       ---- i think by doing all of the above, it will improve my marriage.
                                                             infertility has been rough, and it's hard to not be bitter and sad. i
                                                             tend to take it out on my husband without thinking that it's probably
                                                             hard for him too:/ not to mention, the less shopping/debt i incur the
                                                             happier my hubs will be:)

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Elizabeth said...

Great post, Jen :) Cheers!! We will work for improvement this year!

Dee Stephens said...

Here's to 2014! I hope it's your year! I have a good feeling!

Tammy Jo said...

Love this!!!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

I haven't left a comment but wanted to after reading your post. I have been down the infertility path, too my friend. It took my over five years to have my first baby via IVF. I started blogging over five years ago as a way to cope with it. Yes it is hard on a marriage and many other things. I did IVF to have my first baby, who is two and have second daughter, two months old, who was a complete surprise. Your faith and your strong spirit will get you through this. YOU Will be a Mommy. Make that part of your mantra this year. It is so hard and so exhausting but taking time to work out, be with your husband and do things beyond work helps a lot. Also, getting back to your faith will give you a sense of peace as well. It is ok to be angry. I was for a long time. If I can be of any help please please email me. pagranata at I am here to listen and give you hope. So many women in the blogging community were there for me and if I can give you a shred of what they gave me I know it will help. Lots of love xoxo tricia


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