Monday, January 6, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer Sale!

It's NYC Sale time again!!! Originally, I wasn't going to be able to shop the sale since we are saving for IVF:/ And who comes in and saves the day? My mummy!!! I kept it small to just the MUST HAVES (the things i have been waiting and waiting for) and left the "just wants" alone.  

Here's what I snagged:

Elsa top in Amuse Bouche
this was on my christmas list but i didn't get it, so i was hoping it would be in the sale!

Elsa top in black
I missed out on this during the ESS:/ There have been so many times when thinking about what I should wear that I thought of this. So glad they brought it back for the NYC Sale. 

Alexandra top in Bait and Switch
I've really liked this print but not in the items it came in. I don't do dresses that are cap-sleeve and didn't like the other top in this print. My Lilly girls said this top is very similar to the Elsa but just a little more fitted. So, this one has been on my list!

Beckett dress in Mambo Pink Striped
I've been wanting this but haven't tried it on. I've been staying out of my local Lilly store in order to save money. I'm not normally a fan of horizontal stripes because they make me look shorter and wider, but this is darn cute! 

You Gotta Regatta Shoreline Tote
This is the only picture I can find since it's been taken off LP due to being sold out. The one I got looked to be the vinyl version which is perfect for the beach. And now that my aunt is moving to Naples, I think a cute beach bag will be a good investment for the future. Ha! 

Bright Navy Candy Hearts murfee
I have been wanting this scarf for FOREVER!!!! I didn't see any murfees I wanted in the sale. Luckily, Leapin' Lizards (btw, if you don't already, you should like them on facebook. they're awesome!) had some left on sale for 44 bucks. 

And I almost am in shock that the site did not crash. I had NO problem this year. I almost had to pinch myself. There was no Oh, Shift! We broke the internet message or that mumbo jumbo Apache Tomcat nonsense. It was a smooth transaction. LP's IT department deserves a raise! And here's to hoping that none of my items get cancelled. Because that has happened before too...

What did you get? 

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MandySue said...

Happy New Year to you! I have the stripped Beckett and was surprised how much the stripes somehow work. Great finds!

Suburban prep said...

LOve the dress and the tote.

Unknown said...

OMG how did I miss the Elsa in Amuse Bouche?! I love that print but I didnt like any of the tops it was featured in that were on sale. Good buys!

~ Joanie

Jess Lyons&Tigers said...

What great finds! I handled this sale very poorly by not shopping ahead, and thus by the time I was ready to check out 9/10 things in my cart were gone. Oh wells, I'm sure my wallet was happy!

jess | Quaintrelle

A Simple Southern Life said...

Love all of your LP items!

Emily said...

I bought the Fulton dress!


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