Thursday, July 17, 2014

Southern Living Cookbooks Giveaway

I loved these two cookbooks so much I'm giving a copy of each away:)))))))))))))

How to Enter: 
Simply leave a comment with a link to your favorite recipe!
[one entry per person please!] :)

This giveaway will close next at the end of next Thursday. 

**the cooksbooks are provided by YC Media

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Lauren said...

As a crazy cooking lady, i couldn't leave ONE recipe, please girl ... here's my favorite fat kid meal :) AKA, I make it nowhere NEAR as often as I want, but boy I want to...

RR blue cheese twice baked red potatoes -

Bacon wrapped green beans -

And any steak (hello red meat!) topped with THIS from PW -

Susieutk84 said...

This is one of my favorite, go to meals that is super easy! I throw in a bag of frozen vegetables for extra taste as well.

Emily W said...

I love Southern Living, cookbooks & country music I mean really what a great combo! Here's one of my favorite recipes! The best mac & cheese, but really all of Annie's recipes are fabulous:

Rach said...

Definitely my grandmother's chicken 'n dumplin's! :)

Sarah said...

Love making this:

Carole said...

As soon as the farmstands open and the hot weather hits, I make salads nearly every day. In particular, I enjoy cucumber salads of any kind and have quite a collection on Pinterest. This Asian Cucumber Salad from Carlsbad Cravings is a fave:
It's so colorful and SO tasty.

Kellianne said...

Southern living is my go-to for recipes so its hard to choose just one favorite. This is one of my tops ones for summer parties though - always a hit!

JMc said...

This is one of my favorite go to recipes. My family loves it and you can add or subtract different veggies depending on what you like.

Unknown said...

This recipe has been a big hit in our family. It's so easy too!

Monica said...

Red velvet whoopie pies are my favorite:


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