Monday, February 16, 2015

This Soundtrack = Bomb Dot Com

I've read the books. Have I seen the movie? Nah. I'm not sure if it's just the casting [fyi--in the previews, i think jamie dornan looks like a frat boy] or what, but I just have no desire to see it at this point. Maybe, netflix, later? However, the soundtrack is AH-mazing!

I mean it's got a few classics on there like Beast of Burden, Witchcraft, and Man on Fire to a college classic Crazy in Love to a few new cool tunes. All in all, I'm really diggin' this album.

Also, if you're into classical music, while I'm no classical connoisseur, I do like it. If you can find the album above, it's worth it. I really really enjoyed E.L. James taste in the classical compositions she chose for the book. I bought it this summer off ebay and listened to it quite frequently.

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Lauren said...

UGH. Don't go. I loved the books. The movie was AWFUL. Mainly b/c he is so wrong for the part. So very very wrong...


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